This week a bunch of TOTAL PUNKS ARE HITTING THE ROAD!  Golden PElicans, Life Stinks, and Ausmuteants are all on tour this week and all descend on Goner Fest next weekend.  Following Goner Fest Ausmuteants will have their new single on TOTAL PUNK, and I'll be selling them at all of the Pelicans shows as well.  Online customers fear not, because in my absence the site will stay up and I have someone who will be shipping out all packages and updating the site  in my stead.  Once I get back from tour the brand new singles by Ausmuteants, and Cuntz, as well as the Buck Biloxi 12" will all be out.  Till then I hope to see a bunch of you on the road, and check the shows page for a full listing of upcoming TOTAL PUNK TOURS.