As I'm sure all of you overseas customers have noticed the international shipping rates have unfortunately gone up.  As always you can choose "Build Order" to save some money on shipping and have your order shipped at a later date once you have built it up to a decent size.  However if you are placing an order which you want shipped at the this time there are a few things to understand about the new shipping rates. Before the rates went up in 4oz increments all the way up to 4 lbs.  This is no longer the case and it's important to know this.  After 8 oz the rate increase goes by the lb starting at 2 lbs.  Simply put it is the same price to ship 1 7" as it is 2, and by the same measure it is the same price to ship 3 7"s as it is to ship 10 7"s or an LP and 4 7"s.  

So while the new rates aren't pretty if you shop wisely you can get the best bang for your buck.  This isn't really an easy thing for small labels to deal with especially ones that do not also have a distro. That being said I want to help both my fellow labels and overseas customers, so if there is something you don't see on my site that you want from another American label, and you are a customer who either builds orders or plans to start, you can order it direct from the label and have it shipped to me to be sent out with your next order.  Please email me ahead of time to notify me of your plans so I can keep an eye out and I know what to do with it when it gets here.  Thanks as always for your support.