XL-FITS- The Hakata Slasher 7"

$ 8.25

XL-FITS which is active based in Fukuoka that released 7" 'Cowboy/Colpo Grosso' in 2013.(Colpo Grosso is popular italian TV program..)
That 7" was awesome, really really KBD like.
A label name of too bold "SID VICIOUS RECORDS", the gentleman-like man who shows a fearless smile, a sleeve(the same one doesn't exist with two.) which we can't listen to when we don't open a seal.
Sound reminding of Reactors and Ed Nasty & The Dopends.

They started recording in last year.
The Hakata Slasher where the A side feels quiet insanity associated with song name(about an incident by slasher at Hakata station).
B side "Human Being", "Call a Man" are like Tampax (7" split with the Hittler SS in Italia '79).