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WINTERCOFFIN- Forest Of Blitzkrieg 7"
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Blak Skul

WINTERCOFFIN- Forest Of Blitzkrieg 7"

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No glacier ever made it as far south as Memphis the temperature is far from Nordic, but MEmphis has plenty of death and dungeons and the crackheads are grim if not frostbitten. Wintercoffin recorded "Forest Of Blitzkrieg" at "the Armory" as close to any squalid medieval torture pit as you could find in North America, and host to many metal and punk shows, late night screenings of Nazi Super Weapons on the History Channel, home recordings, SWAT team raids, a tall male ghost dressed in black with a white face, and the base of operations of Memphis thrash band Evil Army- lead by Rob Evil on vocals and guitar, his twin brother Michael Murder on drums, and an assortment of bass players. Jimmy Blitzkrieg (born Jummy Lee Lindsey and known as Jay) ended up as one of Evil Army's itinerant bass players.

Rob and Jay had "been knwin' each other for a while" having met while living on opposite sides of a duplex in a crappy Memphis neighborhood.  They were on opposite sides of the same wall, practicing their guitars, eventually striking up a conversation about music.  They conspired early-on with their first project, the Hatebreeders, in tribute to the gateway-band common to many punks and metalheads, the Misfits.

After going their separate ways (and moving out of their parents' houses), they established themselves in their own bands and with distinctive musical styles. At some point, Jay ended up living around the corner from the Armory and Evil Army, having lost their original bassist, Sgt. Death, asked him to fill in. While Evil Army was primarily an outlet for Bay Area- influenced thrash aggression, Rob and Jay spawned Wintercoffin out of their love for 90s Black Metal, choosing a classic Darjthrone-meets-Burzum-at-the-battle-of-Ardennes sound.  It was also un-reminiscent of the mid to late 90s blackened thrash of Dodheimsgard and Aura Noir. And of course, these dudes love Bathory too.

Wintercoffin went on hiatus while Jay pursued his solo music carerr and Evil Army opted for a more-commited bassist (MAtt " Bones" Brown, RIP). Jay passed before he and Rob could reactivate Wintercoffin, this is their sole finished recording.

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Type: 7"