VON LMO- Tranceformer 2xLP

$ 20.00

2003 release. Sci-fi avant-garde music from futuristic punk pioneer, Von Lmo. Way before Devo, and while the first man was landing on the moon, this astonishing character who addressed himself as Von Lmo was already experimenting with drums and synthesizers. From his records, you could count on a muscular kind of insect music, like Devo, ChromeResidentsSuicide or Silver Apples. Von Lmo ripped up heavy punk loops with really abrasive feedback and high-end hurting. He looked like George C. Scott towards the end of Hardcore, demented and shell-shocked. Munster Records now reissues this material as Transformer (Future Language 2.001), off of his Future Language album, originally released in 1981 -- a noisy and frenzied blend of wild-schizoid-futuristic punk.