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Vintage Crop is four early-twenties men from Geelong, a group of people who spent their adolescence playing sport, listening to triple J and shunning the local scene. Now they’ve smartened up, changed the channel and stopped exercising. The band released their first tape in 2017 and have returned less than a year later with their first full-length album.
New Age is an album that favours simplicity and delivers a punch to the jowls of the local scene. It shines a harsher and darker light on the Geelong four-piece, steering away from the garage leanings of the band’s 2017 tape, TV Organs, towards a grittier sound.
Recorded by Billy Gardner (Ausmuteants, The Living Eyes), New Age is 12 tracks of fun-poking; complete with sarcasm, alien misadventures and tales of missing garden gnomes. Tracked in one 8 hour session in Geelong, live to tape, the band channel the no-frills song writing of Eddy Current Suppression Ring and pair it with the urgency and biting wit of Uranium Club.