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14 Ferocious Crunchers and Visceral Heavy Thudders Excavated 
from the Doldrums of the North American Suburban Wilderness

Belter Records, lim. 300 copies
So we are  finally back under the Bonehead banner still crunching and ultimate but no longer bound to any notion of a future series. We have come not only to praise Bonehead but to bury it at the same time. Herein you will  find an abundance of heavy Psych monstrosities, numbskull shredders and dastardly inducements to follow Satan or in once instance, his direct opposite... It?s loud, proud and hopefully great fun to enjoy while you attempt to keep control of your bladder functions.
Side 1
1. Common Ground - Who is Free
2. Mass Temper - Big Mack
3. New World Act II - One Man's Love
4. The Looking Glass - Take The Time
5. Serpent - Midnight Shakedown
6. Sweet Tooth - Music's Gotta Stay
7. King Biscuit Entertainers - Rollin' Free Man
Side 2
1. Fear - Wildwoodin'
2. Kevin Coughlin - I Gotta Be Me
3. Melodiers - Thinking of You
4. The Looking Glass - It's Going to Work Out Fine
5. Alice Blue - Mr. Devil
6. Drift - Plastic People
7. Mass Temper - Grave Digger