STAGEBEAST- Belgium Ain't Fun No More 7"

$ 8.00

Stagebeast was a band from the north coast ( our only coast ahah ) of Belgium. Ostende , the ferry town which took all the Belgian punks to the punk
Mecca of London, to be exact.  So it's no surprise that shitty holiday's "sun-hole" became the birthplace for one of the very first punk 7"s , a 7" that was more a legacy than a starting point.
IStagebeast started beating the bars and other anonymous places in late 76 , but didn't record their sole 7" till late 77.  A short story much like Sex Pistols , signed with a label, destroyed the manager's office like good fucked-up punks , and were then banned. It became difficult for them to find dates, so Willy Willy,cwho was thinking about a real career as a musician leaves the band, the split is inevitable . Willy joined the Scabs who will take a "colder" direction , Frank Dubbe and his Ostende's contingent  soon form Revenge 88 ,a wavy punk sound perfect for the desperate early 80's and his numbers of dead.. and Stagebeast becomes another bookmark in punk history.
Now lovingly reissued by Belgian Waffles in nearly identical color cardboard sleeves. Turn this beast up and annoy your neighbors.