SILENT NOISE- I've Been Hurt So Many Times Before 7"

$ 7.50

"Straight repro of the sole Silent Noise 7", originally self-released on their own Easy Records label in 1979. Their retrospective LP on Low Down Kids ('Whatever Happened To Us') is one my favorites on the label, based on some of the harder/punker tunes therein ("Don't Let the Bastards Grind You Down" in particular), but at heart Silent Noise are a power pop band and both tunes here reflect that. "I've Been Hurt" is spunky pop in a Undertones-ish way, and "Heart to Heart" on the flip is taken from a different demo session and has a a slight bit of grit on the guitars that steers it more towards my wheelhouse, but it's still undeniably poppy and catchy. A worthwhile UK power-popper for aficionados, and I heartily recommend the LDK LP if you should ever see a copy."(RK)- Terminal Boredom