SAUCERS- Third Saucer From The Sun LP
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SAUCERS- Third Saucer From The Sun LP

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Saucers were led by Craig Bell, founding member of legendary ‘70s Cleveland proto-punk bands The Mirrors and Rocket From The Tombs. (The other members went on to play with Pere Ubu, Frankenstein/Dead Boys, The Styrenes, Electric Eels and X__X.) Saucers was Craig’s first band when he relocated to New Haven, CT, after the breakup of RFTT. The band existed from 1977–1980 and released two 7”s of infectious garage rock and punky pop of the highest caliber. They were a favorite on the New Haven and East Coast circuit. Members included Mark Mulcahy (Miracle Legion) and Seth Tiven (Dumptruck, Dune Buggy) along with Malcolm Marsden, Katherine Cormack, and Malcolm Doak.
Third Saucer From The Sun is a newly remastered collection of material from their original 7" releases, along with other recordings, most on vinyl for the first time. The LP includes a full color insert with ephemera and new liner notes, along with a free digital download.