QUINTON, DAVID- Overlook Road LP
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QUINTON, DAVID- Overlook Road LP

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David Quinton left his mark with his unique brand of power pop in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. His 1981 self-titled album,originally released on Bomb Records - is still considered to be a classic within the genre. 
At only 17 years old, David started his music career in 1978 as the drummer in The Mods from Toronto, Canada. His songwriting skills attracted the attention of Dead Boys’ lead singer, Stiv Bators and In 1979, David was invited by Stiv to record a handful of tracks in Los Angeles that were released on Bomp records. He toured with Stiv and played on his debut album, “Disconnected”, as well as writing the power pop classic “Make Up Your Mind”

The master tapes were recently found, repaired, refurbished and remastered for this release.

The vinyl version of the album is comprised of 11 previously unreleased tracks recorded between 1980-1985, plus one new track recorded in 2019. 6 of the tracks were recorded in 1980-81 and are alternate versions of songs that appeared on David’s first album, including “Make Up Your Mind”.

5 of the recordings are previously unreleased songs intended for his never released second album. It includes a full color insert with photos from David’s personal collection and liner notes.