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PINK NOISE- House Of Cards LP
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PINK NOISE- House Of Cards LP

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Yep, you read that right, The Pink Noise are back! You may remember them as one of the groups to help solidify Blank Dogs as a global trend in the the late ’00s, but I guess The Pink Noise actually never really went away, and just quietly got better over the years, becoming their own thing rather than another faceless lo-fi bedroom punk band (or solo project). This new one, unfortunately sharing names with a disgraced Netflix drama, is quite good, and bears little resemblance to the Pink Noise of old. It’s some sort of disjointed post-punk new-wave… drums come in unusual patterns (don’t expect the snare to keep 4/4 time), the guitar attempts glam-rock sass but trips on the cracks left by the drums, and vocalist/bandleader Mark Sauner kinda shout-moans over it all, recalling Black Eyes’ Hugh McElroy if he envisioned himself as a Killed By Death punk rocker. House Of Cards recalls Lou Reed’s The Blue Mask in some of its weird shredding, but it really covers so much ground – I’ll find myself thinking of ZZ Top, Rik & The Pigs, US Maple and The Contortions simultaneously and wonder how we ended up here. The influences are familiar but the end result is unique, a praiseworthy vision of overly-articulated punk riffing and laid-back retro set dressing, and certainly The Pink Noise’s finest achievement to date. Maybe they’re just getting started!