OBN III'S- Rich Old White Men 7"

$ 6.50

In the wake of last autumn's killer 4th LP, 'Worth A Lot Of Money', Austin's OBN III's have returned to the studio with producer Mike McCarthy and emerged with two, way-too-perfect-for-an-election-year songs, "Rich Old White Men and "On The Verge Of Collapse".  If the last album represented another leap forward in Orville Neeley's skill set, both of these songs suggest Neeley's guitar partnership with Tom Triplett (Snooty Garbagemen, Blaxxx, The Real Energy) is gonna pay crazy dividends for some time to come.  Rippers of this quality probably aren't gonna put a halt to a plethora of "rock is dead" essays ; those are typically penned by folks can't be bothered to open this email, let alone buy a fucking record. The rest of you, however, the savvy characters with guts, imagination, any sort of critical faculties (and did I mention impervious to flattery?) --- you're gonna figure this out pretty fast.