Normal Hawaiians- More Wealth Than Money 2xLP reissue on Upset The Rhythm
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NORMIL HAWAIIANS- More Wealth Than Money 2xLP

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Upset The Rhythm present a reissue of NORMIL HAWAIIANS' debut album More Wealth Than Money, originally released in 1982 on Illuminated Records. Normil Hawaiians had a transformative 1982. With two 7" singles and a 12" EP under their belts, they suddenly found themselves disillusioned, so they forced the hand of change. The band's true constant in GUY SMITH soon found himself with a new crew of musicians: SIMON MERCHANT, NOEL BLANDEN and MARK TYLER. Normil Hawaiians' communal take on post punk quickly sprouted and began carving out a new furrow. Greater emphasis was awarded to group improvisations, resulting in longer, freer journeys; Tape loops, echo boxes, extended percussive sessions, and duteous faith in the tones emanating from a particular old wah-wah pedal were all employed by Normil Hawaiians to stretch their sonic fabric into wild and redolent new dimensions. More Wealth Than Money proved a vastly ambitious debut album, sprawling in a way that still feels expansive, brave, cinematic even. Includes a booklet full of anecdotes and photos from all band members.