MIDNIGHT MINES- We Are the Primitives of the New Era Tape on Loki Records
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MIDNIGHT MINES- We Are the Primitives of the New Era Tape

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The concept for this album originally started out inspired by the classic ‘Dimension Dolls’ girl group compilation of brill building era street hassle anthems. We were going to record two side-long denuded repeato jams and then ask some dream punk girl conspirators like K.Y. Ellie or Voxaphone to harmonise over the top but Private Sorrow got a new drum machine and tape delay and the arrangements subsequently got too dense and dubbed out to thread the choirette of death into the mixxx so we decided to do an instrumental LP like the Shadows. Maybe one day our xtian prince will come? The first live music I ever saw was actually my nan taking me to see the Shadows in the 80s when they were twanging out versions of the Eastenders theme tune and stuff - more sinister and chilling than any basement Whitehouse noise dude brodown let me tell you. Baron Saturday got obsessed with back issues of Black Mask and Fuck You: A Magazine Of The Arts so we projected Aldo Tambellini slides onto the walls as we worked on the edits and imagined we was in some Super 8 lower east side 1966 fugspolitation movie rather than the harsh light of full colour 21st century tory-fucked london. Imaginary bands within imaginary bands and assumed identity 4-track cold war.