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Official reissue of the one and only, sought-after and ultra-rare single from UK Punk band Martin And The Brownshirts "Taxi Driver/Boring" originally released in 1978 on Lighting Records (UK) and Tabitha Records (Belgium).

In March 1977 a group of teenagers got together to play music in their home town of Chester and within a few days of playing together they formed Martin and the Brown Shirts. From the onset they attracted violence which their choice of name didn't help, bringing right wing lunatics to their gigs from Chester to London.
The band played punk bastions the Roxy, Erics and the Vortex.

In the summer of 1977 they were contacted by music publisher and record producer Graham Sclater of Tabitha Music Limited and he arranged for them to travel down to London to record a song "Hey Punk Punk Off". The song was written by two writers/producers who were looking for a vehicle for their "Punk" song. It didn't work out but the band then played Graham a song of the same name written by Norman and Paul after seeing the iconic Robert De Niro film Taxi Driver.
Graham loved it and the following day the band found itself in Decibel Studios in north London where they recorded the song. A few days later the band went to Gerard Street in China Town where they recorded the B side "Boring" once again written by Norman and Paul.
Both tracks were remixed at CBS studios and within a few weeks it was released in the UK by Lightning Records, with a cover designed by Norman's girlfriend.
Taxi Driver reached Number 7 in the Lightning Punk Charts.
A few weeks later it was released in the Belgium on Tabitha Records, with a different cover, which was also used by Graham as the publicity photo for the band. (Photograph taken by Geoff Paddock).
The band recorded a lot of their new demos at Tabitha Studios with Graham Sclater and they continued to play around the UK but following a second recording session at Decibel Studios when they recorded a number of their original songs the group decided to change their style, image and music and soon disbanded.