LORD HIGH FIXERS- Beginning Of The End- End Beginning 2xLP

$ 25.00

REISSUED ON VINYL!!! The 2002 Beginning Of The End - End Of The Beginning album originally released on CD by In The Red. TIM KERR (NOW TIME DELEGATION, KING SOUND QUARTET, BIG BOYS, JACK O'FIRE) and the LORD HIGH FIXERS kicked up one of the craziest rackets to ever come out of Texas. Fronted by MIKE CARROLL, who had previously led POISON 13 along with Kerr, the Lord High Fixers made music drawing on influences from all over the musical map. Garage, punk, blues, free jazz, beat poetry and hip hop elements all found their way into the 'Fixers topography. Their rare live performances were the stuff of legend—chaos reigned supreme, with band members falling into each other, instruments getting unplugged and broken, bones, cartilage and skin all enduring more than their fair share of abuse. A band like this could only exist for so long before burning out, and The Beginning of the End is the final statement by this ambitious band, who are certainly exiting on a high note. Tim Kerr's guitar duets with free jazz saxophonist KEN VANDERMARK here are unlike anything else on a garage rock record. Even the straight garage rock is exceptional. Includes an insert with liner notes by BYRON COLEY.