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HUNGRY GAYZE- Roadkill 7"
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Floridas Dying

HUNGRY GAYZE- Roadkill 7"

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This is the first single from Orlando's Hungry Gayze. Featuring members of Slippery Slopes, and Shit Eagle, Hungry Gayze dish out scuzzy disjointed punk rock of the brain damaged variety. Hungry Gayze manage to convulse, jerk, and twitch their way through these three songs about group suicide, dead animals, and the postpubescent delinquency. Limited to 350 with artwork by Luke Chappelle of Drugs Dragons.

"Snotty and simplistic offbeat garage moves with that Floridian attitude cultivated by Rich and his Florida's Dying army, which is equal parts drug-damaged, who-cares drunk and just genuinely weird all at the same time. "Road Kill" has a fantastic synth squeal that is just short of being annoying that plays over a hypnotic backbeat, some guitar frying and chanted girl vox. A little bit Electric Bunnies-esque and bizarrely catchy. "Pins & Needles" is a bit straighter, a brazen stomper with a swirly little hook and the gal's whiny/nasal delivery really starts to grow on you. B-Side stretches out a bit more, "8th Grade Haircut" switches to dum-dum male vocals and rides an eerie organ current, it almost sounds like a Spits 45 played at 33. Love the primitive drum breaks and the shreddy guitar solo. I liked this a lot more than I was expecting, it's stupid and fun, but not in a pizza-party way. I was sort of surprised this one wasn't on Total Punk. Features members of Shit Eagle, Slippery Slopes and Stud Dogs. Scum stats: 350 copies only."(RK)-Terminal Boredom