HACKAMORE BRICK- Oh Those Sweet Bananas 7" on Ugly Pop
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HACKAMORE BRICK- Oh! Those Sweet Bananas 7"

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Hackamore Brick's sole 1970 LP on Kama Sutra remains a much-desired artifact of its era, a primordial expression of seminal proto-punk and early Velvets worship. While there are several great tracks on the LP, it's long been my opinion that Oh! Those Sweet Bananas was criminally over-looked and should really have been a 45 from the start. One of the great lost songs of the period, it's a quick, catchy and instantly addictive burst of NYC garage punk pop at the dawn of the '70s. The flip is a beautiful and memorable slow-burner, and a different take to that on the LP. A slight change of pace for Ugly Pop, but a long-time favourite that anyone with good taste will appreciate. New picture sleeve, one-time-only pressing of 500 copies.