EAT, THE- It's Not The Eat It's The Humidity 2xLP

$ 17.00

The Alternative Tentacles "Reissues Of Necessity" is back! We've hooked another live one from the swirling depths of the most obscure, desirable, and just plain deranged. Like many early punk pioneers THE EAT operated in a near-total vacuum. This time in that infamous cesspool of clueless retirees and moronic sun worshippers known as South Florida. Their classic 7"s were rare and sought after from the moment they came out, distribution was nil, most were given away at shows and crushed on the spot, some even wound up lining parrot cages. As a result, Communist Radio and God Punishes The Eat are some of the most sought after and obscenely expensive Killed By Death items on eBay. Th e band's angle on the world has a lot to do with this. Political concerns like "Communist Radio", "Nut Cops", "Kneecappin" and "Nixon's Binoculars." Environmental awareness like "Manatee Smacker," "M-80 Ant Death" and "Living Like a Pig", and numerous celebrations of that seedy Florida lifestyle like "Catholic Love", "Silly Drug Songs", "Money for the Police" and "Psychotic McHale's Navy." THE EAT reappeared sporadically clear through the mid-'90s, yet still seemed unaware how wide their cult and notoriety had spread, especially among people who've never actually heard them. So now everyone can! Both early 7"s are here, the dropouts in the fi ve God Punishes songs fixed up at last, followed by the entire Scattered Wahoo Action cassette album and all the unreleased songs from their aborted Hialeah album that was chopped down to their third and final 7". Sound is top-fl oor melodic punk 'n' roll, sort of a sped-up REAL KIDS with rock-bottom ANGRY SAMOANS-style lyrics. Disc one's a whopping 30+ studio tracks, many never before released. But that's not all folks. The CD version comes with a bonus live disc with two dozen more songs and many a crude rude remark from band to audience.