DEAD NEANDERTHALS- The V-Shaped Position 7"

$ 3.50

Pick up your guts and continue running. The creeps are still after you. The piss stained alley you've poorly decided to duck into will not shelter you from their hunger. They are upon you, ooga-ing and booga-ing, scraping their knuckles on the concrete just steps behind you. It's useless to avoid these Paleolithic Thugs. You can only overcome them by becoming one of them. Allow them to consume you. Allow them to cradle you between their few rotted teeth, yellow gums and sore covered tongues. Listen to the sounds of your dumb bones and weak flesh as they are ground together into a fine sniffing powder. Whoops, it looks like your skin was streched tight and is being bashed on by the elbow end of your own dismembered arms. One of them even made a primitive woodwind out of your spine.