COUNTER INTUITS- Monosyllabilly LP

$ 11.00

"No other band really needs to release an LP for the rest of 2016 now - album of the year right here, no one else should even bother. This second LP from House & Phillips is 13 tracks of genius-level American garage rock'n'roll, plain and simple. No magic tricks here. Just intelligent and earnest songwriting from two creative minds who seem to have found the perfect compliment to one another. I feel like this is some of House's snappiest songwriting/lyricizing (""Password (Is Password)", "Actors Running Sound", "Deep Storage Space") and Phillips whips the Junior Division right into shape, a perfect bandleader and writer - from the most straighforward garage ("Bright Green Shirt") to the Eels/Ubu leftfield numbers ("Sunglasses After Death", the title cut), these two have a very magical collaboration. Another in the long, long line of Ohio records that will stand the test of time as the high water marks of our pop culture, and it's laced with autobiographical moments (like "Bernie's Bagels Saga") that Columbus rock'n'roll acts are spiritually indebted to include on their recordings (even though this one was recorded in Cleveland!). Album of the year thus far..."(RK)- Terminal Boredom.