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BIZARROS- Complete Collection 2xLP

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"From the Midwestern wasteland of Ohio the Bizarros rose up from the muck created by their rubber worker fathers, standing as one of the most criminally underrated bands from one of the most underrated states for rock'n'roll in the '70s. Aural encouragement from the first OH murmurings of Pere Ubu via their debut self-released single on Hearthan Records copped in a local Akron shop, and the sounds emanating from the NYC ooze like Television and the Ramones prompted Nick Nicholis (lead vox) to form his own ruckus raising combo. During a rollicking 1976 New Year’s Eve bash Nick summoned lifelong pals Jerry Parkins (guitar), Don Parkins (bassist) and Terry Walker (keyboards) to broadcast the sound forms living in his head, a short-lived drummer (a trend to follow the Bizarros the next few years) was soon added and they started making noise in the first days of 1976. At their start neither Nick, Jerry, Don, nor Terry had been in a proper combo, but you wouldn't know it by the racket they worked up!

... What you’ve got here in your hands today is the collected work of an unduly neglected American treasure that can now, hopefully, stand alongside other solid stalwarts of the crazed canon such as Simply Saucer, Mirrors, Debris and the Twinkeyz. As of 1998 the boys themselves are at it again after a 17 year hiatus, and sounding as vital as ever. The year 2003 brought us a new full-length in the form of Can’t Fight Your Way Up Town from Here and there’s more in the can just waiting to reach the public. Four out of five original Bizarros members continue to play together today, with Martyn Flunoy having replaced Rick Garberson who unfortunately shuffled off this mortal coil in July of 1979. Sleep no longer, or you may wake from dreams of the bizarre…

Jeremy Cargill
(Ugly Things Magazine)