$ 15.00

For the first installment in a series of upcoming live recordings for Bat Shit Records it is a great pleasure to offer Sweden's, Baddat For Trubbel. This project has been many years in the making with talks starting when Shit Music was just a year old. Now in the fifth year of the labels confusing history, we're all very proud to release Baddat For Trubbel - Live Pa Nobe LP. Recorded on the Eve of 2013, a small few were able to attend this outing by invitation to enjoy one of Sweden's greatest and partake in this incredible live recording. The energy displayed by the band and it's audience is truly an experience to consume your attention. As the year turned and the beer poured, the night was being captured for those who couldn't attend one of the best parties of the evening.

Edition of 500 on black vinyl with hand assembled sleeves.