Andy Human & The Reptoids- Refrigerator 7" on Total Punk
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*HUMAN, ANDY & THE REPTOIDS- Refrigerator 7"

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From The Cuts, to Time Flys, Buzzer, Lenz, and now The World, and Andy Human & The Reptoids, Andy Jordan has had his hands in much of my favorite Bay Area music over the last 17 years. I don't think there is a track I played more DJing last year then "Sarcastic" off of the Reptoids 2016 7" on Goodbye Boozy. So it with much pride that Total Punk gives you two brand new tracks from Andy and his Reps.  A bit streamlined (no sax) but still with all the glitter and grease you've come to expect from your reptile rock. Glammy bouncy punk jams from outer spaces biggest hitmaker. They pack a hell of a wallop and are 100% TOTAL PUNK!