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ERIK NERVOUS- Assorted Anxieties LP
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ERIK NERVOUS- Assorted Anxieties LP

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Erik“Nervous” was nothing more than a lone music geek who recorded rip-off rock ‘n’ roll songs in the comfort of his Midwestern home, having nothing to do with any NWI’s, or ‘Cagos, or Lumpy’s, or anything of the sort: theseclaims are still currently under review. Regardless, following his original debut demo released in late 2015,

Erik Nervous has since blossomed into a proper D.I.Y. darling -- a benchmark of what an independent, single- minded musician should be able to accomplish with eclectic tastes, a healthy sense of ambition, and even the simplest of recording materials. For once upon a time, Erik Nervous was but a four-eyed kid recording music alone in his bedroom; now, Erik is a four-eyed kid recording music alone in his bedroom, except this time with a real, true-to-life lineup for live shows, and an expansive, consistently-remarkable catalog of punk, rock, and not-so-punk-rock melodies more than deserving of an anthology collection such as this. Compiling nearly twoyears’ worth of material -- including the “ShipshewanaSwimming” demo, the 2016 Winter Cassingle, the “Teen Distortion Art Junk Music” EP, the “Ice Cream” single, the “Conical Cranium Emulation” cassette, his track from the “Killed By Meth Vol. 2” compilation, and even twopreviously unreleased songs --, “Assorted Anxieties” is abrilliant collection of angular, tightly-wound rock ‘n’ roll, asoundtrack fitting of a jittery kid fueled by nothing butsoda pop and handfuls of ritalin, a mélange of rock ‘n’ rollvibrancy whose simplicity favors the brilliance exhibited in the bounties of grooves woven throughout this record. If Erik Nervous is nothing more than a giant rip-off, then half of these other bands need to step their game the fuck up.

Type: LP